The Law II

Any people which allows the force of law to extend beyond the particular cases that are being decided is on the road to tyranny. Only the spirit and knowledge of prior decisions of cases can be allowed.
Admendment (1) We have a proliferation of laws in this country. They are for the most part fiat laws and have the same intrinsic value as fiat money does. In other words none. They subtract from law and order that has been discovered over the centuries and replaces it with a bunch of arbitary orders many of which nobody nows about until they arrive in court for violating them.
___These laws sanction lawless and disorder for the few at the expense of the many.
___The biggest group that beinfits from them is still a small minority of people in our countries, That group is the one we call the government. These laws have made it possible for these organizatiopns to break every law of human interaction. They can murder, steal, defraud, debase the money, steal our kids, inslave them, steal our houses, businesses and the money we carry in our wallets.
___Support for fiat law should be withdrawn.

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