The Constitution of the United States of America.

We don’t have a Constitution. Under the laws of the time that the Constitution was written you amended a document. You did not discard it and write a new one or change its wording. Under those laws The articles of Confederation should have been amended. even if they were completely changed they should still be part of the governing document. They are not.
___This constitution is the result of a coup d’etat. It is a blueprint for absolute power. It brought the American imperium to life.
___It can’t be fixed because it is not broken. It has done exactly what it was meant to do. Enrich the founders and their descendants at the expense of everyone else it the world.
___We should dig our true founding documents out and amend them as was intended and trash can this Constitution. It is in todays world a blueprint for suicide.
___The old laws are the best because they have been tested. So has this constitution. It does not work.
___Making a monopoly court and putting it in the government is tyranny. Courts should from the bottom to the top be independent of government.
___The congress should not even be in the same city as the executive.
___The executive should be elected by the states and it should be their ambassadress subject to recall by them at any time.
___Yes. 50 presidents would be better than what we have now and they should make their decisions with at least a 90% majority.
___Even if they only made two in their term that could be more than we need.

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Contract Government

Republics are confusing as are democracy’s. That is because tyrants want it that way. They have nothing much in common. They have been so confused with each other that the terminology is no longer very helpful in describing them to other people. So I am introdusing the term contract government. I hope that it is taken up by others. It means the same thing as constitutional government but separates out the political connotations of that term. That is important because it allows clear thinking on the subject.
People can only be free to live their lives and practice capitalism with contract government. With a democracy you always have to think about what the government and other people think every time you make an economic move. That is neither capitalism or freedom. It is tyranny of a majority that could be current or of one of many that are long gone and may even be totally ridiculous.
Only in freedom with a contract government can capitalism and wealth be created. We can only sneak production in in a democracy. It eventually becomes an underground activity subject to immediate theft.

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The Revolution.

I see a vision that needs a sign to introduce it. Are you a sign maker?

I see a tetrahedron with the four points being (1)Liberty (2) Life
(3) Property/Tools (4) The pursuit of happiness. It is called the
tetrahedron of rights. You can start at any point and figure out that
for you to have the value at that point you need the other three.

Life is fundamental, liberty and property are means and the pursuit
of happiness gives you purpose. I see this tetrahedron as the star of
the movement. If we follow it we are the wise ones if we don’t we are
another bunch of wannabe losers.

A little more context. What is the source of rights? Religion (NO),
Natural law(NO SUCH THING). So there must be some source. There is. If
it was one of the things above we would not have to worry about losing
our rights. We do.

The source of our rights is that we choose the values of the
tetrahedron and pledge to make them so. We have rights in this country
because the founding fathers willed it to be so and died to make it so.
We continue to have these rights because our fathers willed it so and
we will continue to have these rights only if we will that that will be

Remember the tetrahedron of rights and ask yourself. Do I have the
right to live. If you say yes then accept the reality of the
tetrahedron and join the revolution. It is good to be an American
Freedom Fighter.

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My non-solution of the Iraq situation.

Sharia law appears to break a country down into tribes. I am not sure how you govern a collection of tribes when your main laws can’t be changed and are not based on the common law but on ancient history. Any parts of the law that do not conform to modern conditions can’t be changed.

He is dealing with a democracy which has a built in problem. A democracy does not protect minority rights. The only way minorities can protect themselves is violence so every group needs to be armed for protection.

The oil money helps fuel the crises and the fact that Iraq nationalized the oil set up the condition that one tribe has to gain control of it and rule the country by force.

We could be that tribe and pull the plug on the violence but we won’t do it because we will be called thieves. We would not be except for the fact that the oil was not our governments but the international oil companies. Returning it to them and writing the tax laws for it into the Iraqi constitution would be a plan.

The oil companies would just be more tribes and should fit
into the culture.

The final step is for the Iraqi’s to pick a dominate tribe with a peace treaty with as many other tribes as can be worked out.

I think as an exception the oil company tribes would have to be part of that treaty.

Then comes Islam. The book says that such treaties with the infidel should not be honored.The treaty after having been made would have to be enforced by an outside non Islamic force.

I don’t know how we institutionalize that force. It has to be as durable as the Koran.

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