Ayn is alive.

Ayn and Misis disagred when they were alive. There is nothing contradictory in their philosophies.
Many people think that there is. When you come to understand them the problem is of method not of fact or of the use of reason to figure things out.
Meses use aproi reasoning on a subject “Human Action” where it applied. Ayn rand used emperic reasoning everywhere. Sometimes in places where it did not.
Both of them did their best to under human beings and why they did what they did.
Ayn spoke to the values that motivated men to greatness. She also wrote about good and evil. What they are and tried to find a cure for them. She was a utopian.
Mesis was not. He also spoke of good and evil. His approach toward making thins better was to teach people as close as possible how things are. In this way giving them the tools to make correct decisions and therefore to be better off in their personal lives.

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