On energy

____I have been concerned by the depletion of soil by the crops used to make Bio-fuels. I do continue to think that we could loose our civilization due to soil depletion. Bio-fuels will do that if we are not careful.

____I did come across a way to preserve the land and sequester carbon today that seemed to make since. ( Reducing the Bio-mass by burning it without oxygen until it is reduced to 50%. Then you use the gases for fuel and the carbon residue for fertilizer.)

____Like most solutions this one needs large subsidies. I don’t think it will be used enough to solve the fertility or carbon problem.

____This sounds like the process for making charcoal and coke. If so then saving the gases caused by those processes should be a source of energy.

____This still leaves the soil problem. If we don’t do enough there it won’t matter that we run out of energy. Our civilization will fall anyway.

____I know that I haven’t been directly addressing the “Global Warming Issue” this is because I am in doubt as to whither Global Warming is Bad. The great extinctions of Man in the past have been due to Global Cooling and the good times have been during periods of Global Warming.

____I see the energy crises the greatest threat we face right now. BILL O’REILLY wants to put the oil companies out of business because the price of fuel is what it is. Talk like that will only make the coming shortages that much worse.

____When we do run low on carbon based fuels and we are we won’t have reduce using them. We won’t have them to use. Also the economy will be in a free fall collapse. So any fuels that we could use will probably be hoarded and not sold by the owners.

____Only the free market can find the solutions we need. We will have to diversify to the max. I hope we will. Zoning laws will be the biggest problem that will be caused by government. Other things the government can do is insure that the wrong technology’s will be encouraged. One example of this is ethanol. An other is windmills to produce electric power in Europe. They are cutting back. If they hadn’t been subsidized the people that built them would have the capital from profits to convert them to Hydrogen production,. Hydrogen is not a source of energy but it is the best way to store it. President Bush is right about the hydrogen economy.

____The greatest source of natural energy available to us comes in random bursts. Wind energy, energy due to excess water at dame during storms, wave energy and many other sources. Hydrogen is the way to harvest this energy. Hawaii could have a hydrogen economy using the energy from its’ volcano.

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