Love shall rule the world this time around.

___The world seems to be going crazy around us. It is a time of great change. Many talk of revolution and violence and they will make that happen. Governments seem to be out of control.
I would not count on that. There is a limiting factor to government as there is to eveything else.
It is a sim ple equation. You can loot the world all you like. Eventually you won’t be able to loot fast enough to pay your people what you have agreed to pay them. Being government people who have been selected for their willingness to do violence to their fellow man they will turn on your government and loot it in turn. Your government will fail.
Government workers are looting your gov ernment right now. Wait until you can’t pay them and watch it fall.
This will seem to be catastrefee to the people. They will have already lost their beinfits from government and be in the process of making the nescesary adjustment for living without benifits.
They will be surprised. Things will get easier when the government fails. Then the former government people will become bandits. The people will have a problem. How to deal with the new criminal class. They will have to turn to common law solutions. Trials and sentances that they consider appropiate. Having little money they will probably have corperal punishment and hangings for their solutions.
Of course this is just one way that they could act. Many will refuse to change their dependant ways. They will survive with charity if they really need it of they will die. Others might have to kill thim or they might die from the elements or simply from starvation.

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