Mikko Ellilä

Mikko is a Finish man of 30 years. He is in trouble with the local thought police. They have a particularly nasty law there restricting freedom of speech. You can read about it here.
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Mikko’s Article at first glance appears to break this law big time. He claims that is not what he meant.
Part of the reason for his problem is that he has been reading articles with junk statistics like this one. 1 Sorting through statistics is a messy business. These particular statistics came from a technique called Data Mining. The authors of the study just went around selecting statistics that they found laying around that seemed to match the conclusions they wanted to have and when they didn’t have the statistics that they needed to reach a conclusion they just made them up. This is not science. It is just intellectual noise.
Mikko tried to use this data as information to support his point. We are still trying to decide whether his article is racist or just based on this junk science. It remains to be seen if he is going to rewrite his article to clarify his points or if he is going to stand fast. This article is considered Racist by many. If that is not his intent he can rewrite it and I will put it here.

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