The real political system of the United States and who really does vote in it.

The articles of Confederation were scraped for the Constitution. The anti- federalists told the people that the Constitution would result in a totalitarian government with a tyrannical court that is a law into its self.
___The purpose of the Constitution was empire, big government.and the destruction of state power. It had nothing to do with freedom.
____ This country today is exactly what the founders created it to be Crony Heaven.
____ They were Cronies themselves. They were all land speculators. It was the most damaging coup in American history to freedom.
____ You are right. Only the votes of the Cronies count.
___ Here is what one of those votes did.
___ Bill Gates voted to put Common Core in schools.
____ The Cronies also voted to protect the timber industry. That is where the pot laws came from.
____The Cronies voted to Create the FED. That is the source of recessions and depressions and inflation. In a natural economy bombs and busts do not occur in the whole economy. Just in speculative sectors..
____ As you will notice. The Cronies do not vote in elections. They do it by controlling the people who are in government.

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