Global Warming Again.

The earth is traveling around the sun = climate change. The earth is tilted at an angle to its orbit = climate change. The sun is traveling around the galaxy through constantly changing gravitational fields that effect to orbit of the earth making it closer or farther away from the sun = climate change. The sun is a variable star. There are a number of cycles it goes through. A major one is the sun-spot cycle. This makes climate change.
___Historically CO2 levels have risen on earth after global warming has taken place and therefore are not the cause of it. How much the current rise is CO2 is due to natural causes and how much is due to burning fossil fuels can not be determined.
___The plants that currently exist on earth are adapted to much higher CO2 levels than we currently have and they did not all die off because of heat prostration when those levels were much higher than we have today.
___Total control of all the fossil fuels used by mankind would result in the extinction of the race. It would require a world government. Such a government would be no different than any other government. It would keep growing until it uses up all of the resources available to it then it would crash in a spasm of violence and cannibalism. With todays technology and no political pressure to stop pollution the planet would then be uninhabitable for humans.
___So if any government on earth believes that there is a real problem here which one has done anything about it? I have not heard of any one of them doing anything. Which government has changed its zoning laws to stop building permanent buildings in arias that might be flooded by the oceans? None of them. Which one of them has been encouraging development away from such arias? None of them. Which low lying nations have been evacuated? None of them. At least not unless they have experienced a real problem.
___So what do we have. Governments shutting down jobs that use energy. We depend on those jobs to make things we use in other industries and in our home. So we have to use inferior products that fall apart far faster and must be replaced using even more energy. If course those products are made by machines not people. We can just print them with a machine.
___Global Warming is a cannibalistic attack by governments upon their people and not a real problem solving program.

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