The law.

The problem with Sharia is that we have a defective legal system and theirs has been around longer than ours has. The conflict in ours is created by fiat law (the law of legislatures). Law is not proper law until it enters the souls of the people. The way it does that in the legal system that this country was founded upon (English common law which is a codification of earlier western law) is by case law. The juries decided if it was good and proper law and it became a part of our laws or they nullified it and it is no longer law.
___This is being blocked by our government owned court system. We should never have let the court system be taken over by the government.
___I think there was a war that was lost to the French and we never got our court system back.
___So such a corrupt fiat system of laws can’t stand up to Sharia. Only if we go back to the common law system will we be able to stop them.
___The Fiat people have lost to them in Europe and our fiat people will too.
_____We can only win if we stage a legal counter revolution and bring back the common law.
___Congress and the legislatures will make any law the Islamist’s want them too.
___I call what legislatures do orders not laws.

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