McMillian History

In the 1970s McMillian was a slow sand filter plant that produced superior quality water for Washington Dc.
___It required a lot of hard work. Thousands of tons of sand were moved with shovels to the middle of the isles in the filters so that sand washing machines could clean it and put the clean sand behind them as they crawled along on their oak tracks.
___This could not have been done without the men who worked in those damp underground places. To look at them you would call them lazy. They sat around a lot in front of 55 gallon drums burning coke in them. It burned clean so it could be burned underground.
___Those thousands of tons of sand did get moved and those men did move them. So all that sitting around did have a purpose. Men can’t work in the damp all day long. They have to keep themselves dry and warm. So they paced themselves between sitting by the fire and getting the job done.
___These men directed them in what they did.
___They were Victor Tracy and his foreman Walker.

Victer Tracy And Walker
That place fell apart when they stopped using those filters.
___A water plant is only a machine and a machine is only as good as the men who build, Maintain and use it for its purpose. After they are no longer there is becomes trash. I hate to see it go but if Washington is anything like I remember er it could use a nice big Mall right there so that the people of that city can get what they need at decent prices.

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