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  1. That is my banner picture. So it does not have the full name of the group in it.
    ___I plan on making a place to stay for the micro-Capitalists we call the homeless. They keep building their camps and the governments keep destroying them.
    ___I plan on moving them inside so they can keep the wealth that they require to survive.
    ___This is a self help because those people who work to help the homeless are not paid. The homeless get to create with required volunteer work the shelter making for themselves a place to stay inside and a place to receive the many services that the community provides. It will not be too much.
    ___There will be no means testing. Anybody who contributes to the shelter can stay in the shelter. This will not result in everybody staying there. They simply will not want to.
    ___The house on the left is 4 bedroom and would make an ideal shelter building. It is for sale for $26,000. With the homeless fixing it up the value can be boosted to $100,000.
    ___It is in poor condition.
    ___Some will volunteer work and others money to stay there.
    ___It is my hope that once I finish developing this concept people all over will adopt it.

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