Contract Government

Republics are confusing as are democracy’s. That is because tyrants want it that way. They have nothing much in common. They have been so confused with each other that the terminology is no longer very helpful in describing them to other people. So I am introdusing the term contract government. I hope that it is taken up by others. It means the same thing as constitutional government but separates out the political connotations of that term. That is important because it allows clear thinking on the subject.
People can only be free to live their lives and practice capitalism with contract government. With a democracy you always have to think about what the government and other people think every time you make an economic move. That is neither capitalism or freedom. It is tyranny of a majority that could be current or of one of many that are long gone and may even be totally ridiculous.
Only in freedom with a contract government can capitalism and wealth be created. We can only sneak production in in a democracy. It eventually becomes an underground activity subject to immediate theft.

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1 thought on “Contract Government

  1. The people are not bound by the contract. The government is. The law and the jury determine what is acceptable for the people to do.
    If you call democratic influence the people voting on the individual new laws I agree with the democratic part. They should of course be clearly written and extensively debated first.
    As far as representative government is concerned I think that has proven to be a total failure. Look at the debt and the wars politicians start to remain your Representative and the fact that they can not really represent you without in many ways going against the welfare of others who have voted for them.
    I do not consider it a contract if it needs force to be enforced. Such a government should be dissolved and a new one formed.
    I do think that the government should be funded by selling it’s services and not by force. Defensive force would sell. Offensive would not be very successfully. There is not enough profit in it.
    There are other questions to discuss the nutrient CO^2 in.

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