The Market versus Socialism

There can only be order if there is freedom. Markets do need to be guarded from force. That can only work properly if the guards are paid by the market on a voluntary basis and can be fired on a moments notice. Money must be in total control of the market. Anybody who wants to make up a batch and sell it must not be interfered with.

Whether there is currently a free market or not we still must talk about it because it represents the economic pole of order as opposed to socialism which represents the economic pole of disorder.

In the market we have prices that people use to do their planning. With prices that can be relied on every body who is an economic player plans out what he is going to do and does it. Since everybody knows what he is dealing with almost all plans work out.

In socialism economic plans are made by political means by few people. There are no reliable prices for them to use to determine what to do. So they have to know everything about everything for every move they make. Since every move they make changes things they need to know everything about everything in the new changed environment. Since there is never just one set of planners in socialism their plans always conflict with each other. It is worse than anarchy. It is total random action leading to total destruction of the economic system.

A few people can never know as much as everybody does.
There are too many plans to be made for one committee to make them all.
There are no prices that give accurate information.
There is constant conflict with the people who spontaneously are always going to try the reestablish the order of the market.
The money is no damn good.

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