The Revolution.

I see a vision that needs a sign to introduce it. Are you a sign maker?

I see a tetrahedron with the four points being (1)Liberty (2) Life
(3) Property/Tools (4) The pursuit of happiness. It is called the
tetrahedron of rights. You can start at any point and figure out that
for you to have the value at that point you need the other three.

Life is fundamental, liberty and property are means and the pursuit
of happiness gives you purpose. I see this tetrahedron as the star of
the movement. If we follow it we are the wise ones if we don’t we are
another bunch of wannabe losers.

A little more context. What is the source of rights? Religion (NO),
Natural law(NO SUCH THING). So there must be some source. There is. If
it was one of the things above we would not have to worry about losing
our rights. We do.

The source of our rights is that we choose the values of the
tetrahedron and pledge to make them so. We have rights in this country
because the founding fathers willed it to be so and died to make it so.
We continue to have these rights because our fathers willed it so and
we will continue to have these rights only if we will that that will be

Remember the tetrahedron of rights and ask yourself. Do I have the
right to live. If you say yes then accept the reality of the
tetrahedron and join the revolution. It is good to be an American
Freedom Fighter.

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