Newt Gingrich on Global Warming

For Green Solutions, Earth Needs a Right Turn
Atlanta Journal Constitution May 6 2007
Newt Gingrich

For the last 36 years, I have watched the pro-regulation, pro-litigation, pro-taxation liberals label themselves as the only Americans who care about the environment.

Their left-wing machine would have you believe that to care about clean air and water, biodiversity and the future of the Earth, you have to both buy in to their catastrophic scenarios and sign on to their command-and-control bureaucratic liberal agenda as the only approach to solving environmental challenges. Their future involves dramatic increases in government power and draconian policies that will devastate our economy.

The time has come to define a fundamentally different approach to a healthy environment and a healthy economy. The time has come for the development of “Green Conservatism” as an alternative to big bureaucracy and big litigation liberal environmentalism. more

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