Global Warming

Hello everybody. We in Maryland had global warming all winter until the last couple of weeks. Today it is bitter cold. Feb 5th 2007.

To be serious though and get a discussion going I will say this. It is very important that we convince a lot of people that Capitalism is good. We are not going to trash all of our wealth by not using energy or by catching the wind or the sun. Such things help but they can’t solve the problem. It takes 200 years for carbon dioxide to leave the atmosphere. It is already there. Global warming will happen no matter what we do.

The only answer is more wealth in order to to get that we need more Capitalism. To get more Capitalism we need more freedom. In order to have more freedom we must use reason in the way we live and relate to others.

In nature all of the animals must be free or they die. This applies to species as well as individuals. Global warming will be much worse if we don’t have the wealth to cope with it.

Yours Walter Haxton

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