A birthday card for you Ivanka.


Birthday Card

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CO2 and life on this planet. Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore


Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore
It is a proven fact that plants, including trees and all our food crops, are capable of growing much faster at higher levels of CO2 than present in the atmosphere today. Even at the today’s concentration of 400 ppm plants are relatively starved for nutrition. The optimum level of CO2 for plant growth is about 5 times higher, 2000 ppm, yet the alarmists warn it is already too high. They must be challenged every day by every person who knows the truth in this matter. CO2 is the giver of life and we should celebrate CO2 rather than denigrate it as is the fashion today.

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Val Doyles Poem.


Because it is a celebration of warm weather to come, and it is nature in all her glory. But most of all it is when the bee makes love to his rose and feeds all of creation with the dance of time.
Come bee come dance my rose, she is waiting for you, and we are grateful….:)
Rainbow Rose from South Africa

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Hello I am back.


I haven’t been around for a while. I thought that nobody else would come. I was wrong. TO get started on a subject. I have found nothing wrong with GMOs. It complaint I hear is that the genes have been transferred cross species. AN interesting fact I recently found out that more than 30% of the human genome is from fungus. Those genes do get around. It does not mater where a gene comes from it just maters what it does. There is still the issue of the chemicals sprayed on some of the GMOs. Roundup is supposed to be less toxic than drinking alcohol. The arguments against it are so far unscientific. more in the future.

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Capitalism is the way people relate to one another in a society where governmental force is an unacceptable way of behaving.

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Northwest teritorial Mint is my Bank.



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Ayn is alive.


Ayn and Misis disagred when they were alive. There is nothing contradictory in their philosophies.
Many people think that there is. When you come to understand them the problem is of method not of fact or of the use of reason to figure things out.
Meses use aproi reasoning on a subject “Human Action” where it applied. Ayn rand used emperic reasoning everywhere. Sometimes in places where it did not.
Both of them did their best to under human beings and why they did what they did.
Ayn spoke to the values that motivated men to greatness. She also wrote about good and evil. What they are and tried to find a cure for them. She was a utopian.
Mesis was not. He also spoke of good and evil. His approach toward making thins better was to teach people as close as possible how things are. In this way giving them the tools to make correct decisions and therefore to be better off in their personal lives.

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Heavenly Heat


This looks like a rather efficient way to heat a home.

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The 13Th amendment to the constitution.


“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim,
receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall
without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any
present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever,
from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person
shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be
incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them,
or either of them.”
To create the present oligarchy (rule by lawyers) which we now endure,
the lawyers first had to remove the 13th “titles of nobility” Amendment
that might otherwise have kept them in check. In fact, it was not until
after the Civil War and after the disappearance of this 13th Amendment,
that American bar associations began to appear and exercise political

Since the unlawful deletion of the 13th Amendment, the newly
developing bar associations began working diligently to create a system
wherein lawyers took on a title of privilege and nobility as “Esquires”
and received the “honor” of offices and positions (like district attorney or
judge) that only lawyers may now hold. By virtue of these titles, honors,
and special privileges, lawyers have assumed political and economic
advantages over the majority of U.S. citizens. Through these privileges,
they have nearly established a two-tiered citizenship in this nation where
a majority may vote, but only a minority (lawyers) may run for political
office. This two- tiered citizenship is clearly contrary to Americans’
political interests, the nation’s economic welfare, and the Constitution’s
egalitarian spirit.

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It is time for a code legal world.


The 1863 code of Maryland book states that you can do subtractions or make amendments. Those are the rules. With those rules it means that it is not just the English common law. It means that it is the common law of god for mankind. It goes all of the way back to the beginning of mankind and back to the beginning of life. It is the law of god. It is time to start enforcing it.
The 1868 code book is bullshit. The civil war was the greatest crime ever committed by mankind. It’s sole purpose was to kill the 13th amendment to the constitution. Ratified by Va. No attorneys at law in government. They are agents of the court and they don’t belong there.
There is more. As a man of god I will not give you more now. It would be too much.

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